Carmel Baking Trays  is Carmel Frenkel Industries’ line of paperboard baking and baked packaging.
This line of products consists of unique high quality baking molds and trays marketed to bakeries and the food service industry worldwide.

Our baking molds can be used in ovens and microwave ovens up to a temperature of 220 ° degrees and in freezers down to -40° degrees They are offered in standard or custom dimensions and  will print any design. Marginal tooling costs allow customers to choose their own specific custom dimensions.
The molds are produced of polymer coated board and are fully grease resistant. Their distinctive design- structure provides exceptional baking results.
The trays can be printed using heat resistant colors which are approved for food packaging, thus enabling excellent branding capacities.

All of our baking molds are manufactured according to ISO, HACCP and BRC IOP standards.


Laurence Sassi
Export Department
Mobile: +972-52-8019738